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Apathy in Children: Master Amanda Olson Says it’s a Warning Sign

When your child is apathetic and seems to never to care, it can be a sign that they don’t feel in control. They may be saying that it never matters what they want to do, or …
Amanda with her two latest books on parenting

Master Mom speaks with Dr. Kim Contryman about the Benefits of Martial Arts at Any Age

Dr. Contryman is a licensed Physical Therapist with her own private practice, BlueRidge Physical Therapy in Johnson City, TN. She explains from a scientific background how karate, jiu jitsu and tai chi helps a person both …
Preschool girl high kicking

Why Karate is Great for All Types of Kids!

Why Martial Arts (Karate) is Great for ALL Types of Kids! Click Here! For the Full Article.   What Martial Arts Can Offer Kids With Learning and Attention Issues There are lots of reasons martial arts can …