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My Child Wants To Quit

Question: I can tell that my child wants t give up. How do I help? Answer: This is a very common question that parents have so I don’t want you to feel you are alone in this.  There are activities that keep kids busy and out of trouble and there are activities that give them […]

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two young martial arts students

Strong-Willed Child

Question: With a strong-willed child, how do you tame their will without breaking their spirit? Answer: I am glad you asked about “without breaking their spirit.” That shows that you see being strong-willed, stubborn or the like is not a “bad” thing. People who do well in life are those who show tenacity. A strong […]

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Master Amanda Olson breaking boards


Many of you know about my 100-board break to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital a few years ago, but you may not know that it was one of the hardest things I have endured in terms of the physicality of the event.   I’ve broken many boards in my 40 years of […]

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kids bullying a victim

I Think That My Child Is Being Bullied

Question: How do I know if my child is being bullied? Answer: If you suspect your child is being bullied then you should act right away. I will outline here what to look for and then how to help your child with some do’s and don’ts. To begin with, let’s define bullying. Bullying is when […]

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teen boys practicing martial arts

Greg – A Story of Perseverance

I was 11 years old when Greg and his brother joined our Taekwondo school in Panama City, FL. They already had their black belts and besides our instructors we had never had black belts in our class. So, they were instantly respected and instantly cool!  Greg was my age and had red hair and freckles […]

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