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Congratulations! You have kids! ………

Now what to do, what to do, indeed. You have been given the arduous task of never making a mistake from this moment on and for the rest of your life.  Don’t feed them the wrong things, don’t let them watch the wrong things, make sure they are the smartest, most advanced or most athletic child in everything they do and by all means, make sure they are always perfect little angels whenever any other human being from the mailman to the school headmaster is within earshot of you and your children.   If you can at least do all of that, you will have mastered parenting!  A little daunting isn’t it?  All parents have been embarrassed, appalled and shocked at things their children have done in public.  When your child pukes all over your boss, or your eight-year-old blurts out to your best friend, “You smell funny!” Or, your child starts belching loudly at a restaurant, or calls you stupid in front of other parents, or sticks her tongue out at the teacher, or tells the pastor that church is boring, or writes about the time you had too much to drink and how funny it was in an essay contest at school and on and on!  See, you are so, not alone!  Youtube videos of other people’s children are funny until moments like these actually happen to you! Which trust me, they will.  So how do we handle that?  How do we teach them manners, good behavior, common sense without losing our minds?  How do we teach them to be well disciplined, friendly and thoughtful?

That is where I come in,

Master Mom, to help save the day and help you become a true master of parenting!  I have two kids of my own, both grown. And, as of this writing both are engaged to be married this year.  (I am secretly hoping in a few years to write about Masterful Grandparenting!)  I know some of you are saying, “Only two kids?”  That’s it?  How hard could it be?  I understand your skepticism; however, I have 1,000’s of students who I have helped raise.  Students I have raised from very young to now having children of their own, living their lives and hopefully passing on the lessons I so carefully and sometimes a little compellingly taught them.  I’ve worked with 1000’s of families over the past 35 years in so many different capacities it’s hard to list them all.  I am a true believer in “It takes a village to raise a child” so think of me as part of your village.  An empathetic, experienced ear, and a source of wisdom while you navigate these early years and teen years of parenting. There is very little I haven’t seen or experienced firsthand, either through raising my own children, or helping other families navigate the tricky waters of parenting through the years.

YES!  I want to sign up for Master Mom’s Premier Parenting Sessions.   Please fill out this form and mail to the address below. Or: Call 423.926.9161 to register by phone.  You can also reach out to me, Master Mom – Amanda Olson at

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Saturday, September 28               4:00-6:00
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  Master Mom – Amanda Olson


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