master and student kneeling

Be Better Than Me

I want to share a memory from my color belt days, blue belt specifically. I was in the 6th grade and absolutely loved going to Taekwondo class almost every afternoon after school. My instructor always trained us hard. Making us do push-ups, run jump kicks, stretching and repetition, repetition, repetition. I loved every minute of […]

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winner medal

Being a Gracious Winner

Question: How do you celebrate a child’s win without hurting others or teaching them to brag? Answer: It can be a fine line between being proud and being prideful, and as parents we want to take opportunities to teach our children the difference. We want them to know when it is okay to give yourself […]

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young girl in danger of being abducted

Abduction Prevention

WATCH THIS STORY ON: I have a scary and happy story to tell you today.  It is about the courage of a little girl and how she saved herself and one of her close friends from harm.  Parents and caregivers, please take the time to read this and help spread the word that a […]

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