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Karate Teaches Perseverance and a Never Give Up Attitude

“Failure is not the worst thing that can happen to you.  Quitting is.”  Amanda Olson. I read yesterday where Michael Jordan missed 9,000 shots in his career and lost over 300 games.  I don’t think anyone would call him a failure.  Some of you may not know that I failed my first instructor certification test(for […]

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Master Mom Teaches Focus Through Martial Arts

Everyone Needs Help with Focus As we all know, it is so easy to get overwhelmed with everything there is to do and learn in life that we can lose our focus on what is important. I would like to spend a moment here laying out a plan to help you in this area. What […]

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My Child Wants To Quit

Question: I can tell that my child wants t give up. How do I help? Answer: This is a very common question that parents have so I don’t want you to feel you are alone in this.  There are activities that keep kids busy and out of trouble and there are activities that give them […]

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