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Award-Winning Author Amanda Olson

Amanda Olson

I am here to support parents and families.

I have been working with families for over 30 years in Johnson City. My goal is to pass on my knowledge and experience to help others create a happy and harmonious home.

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We provide excellent instruction in martial arts at our facility in Johnson City, TN. Martial Arts promotes respect for parents, self-control, listening skills as well as many other character building benefits.

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Who Is Amanda Olson?

With over 30 years of teaching and working with families, Amanda has a very unique perspective and approach to helping children and teens navigate into adulthood as successful, fulfilled and happy citizens who are now starting families of their own.

She recently founded Ask Master Mom – a parents resource online at AskMasterMom.com. Her goal is to partner with families by being part of the “village” to help in raising and developing the leaders of the future. She is a highly experienced and successful, coach, martial artist, and teacher. Seeing children grow and succeed to live their dreams is one of her greatest joys.

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Author Amanda Olson

As serial-entrepreneur and author of multiple books Amanda offers her books online at Amazon Kindle Direct

Creating a Happy & Harmonious Home Book cover

Creating a Happy & Harmonious Home

Experienced and Effective Parenting Advice

Congratulations! You have become the caregiver and role model to a child. This may be as a parent, grandparent, foster parent or other significant person in a child’s life.…Now, what next? What do you really do after that?You have been given the arduous task of never making a mistake from this moment on and for the rest of your life. That is where I come in, Master Mom, to help save the day and help you become a true master of parenting! Let’s get started!



Parenting Survival Guide Book cover

Parenting Survival Guide

15 Topics – Over 60 Practical Tips To Help YOU!

Amanda Olson (AKA Master Mom) has brought another essential book to parents everywhere. With 30 years of experience helping children and families work together. This book draws on these lessons to provide very specific, simple, easy to implement actions to help with the top 15 topics she gets asked about including behavior, discipline issues and confidence-building.



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When Your Child is Being Shy

It can be very frustrating when you child freezes up, won’t join the group or hides behind your leg when you are trying to introduce them to someone new. Fight the frustration and take a breath. Be patient and help your child slowly gain the confidence they need by being supportive.


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Sibling Conflict

Kids Ask Master Mom: How do I get my brother to stop hitting me? Amanda: Hey everybody, Master mom Amanda Olson here, and I’m about to go on WJHL News Channel 11 daytime tri-cities for their talk show, which is always a lot of fun. Today kicks off the kids ask master mom series, and their question, or well, it is there because there’s more than one that asks this question.


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Empowering our Kids to Handle being Bullied

In this Episode Amanda talks about helping children deal with a Bully. In her latest book, “Parenting Survival Guide” Amanda goes into detail on the subject as well as defining what a bully is, how to look for warning signs and what to do if your child is the bully.


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